Managing the training process with impact data is key to achieve effective staff management.

“What is not measured cannot be managed.”

Ensuring effective staff management is a key imperative for both organizations and their leaders.

Currently, the challenges for staff and training managers are:

Having end-to-end visibility of the process.

Understanding business needs and translating them into KPIs.

Systematizing measurements.

Making decisions with accurate, relevant and timely data.

Implement a Business Analytics Program to manage the impact of your training 

Map your training process end to end.

Create a process management dashboard with its key indicators and correlations.

Analyze all the interactions with the stakeholders of the business.

Establish a governance for the process while integrating the stakeholders.

Identify the key indicators of effectiveness and impact of the process.




Ability to control the training process end to end.

Interactive dashboard for ongoing management.

Practice and a toolkit to identify business needs and translate them into KPIs.

Alignment of business needs and training plans.

Comprehensive measurement of training using process and result indicators.

Strengthening of the relationship between staff training and business.

Service characteristics

Survey carried out by experts of the current training process and technologies

Identification of process and result KPIs

Survey of data sources and integrations

Development of a process management dashboard and results by business analytics experts

Configuration of the governance and monitoring process.

Training in process management.

Implementation schedule


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