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Have people in your company used Teams this year? Take advantage of this tendency and include this platform in your virtual training during 2021! In this blog post, we will analyze most of what can be done with Microsoft Teams, but in the next ones, we will talk about Zoom and Google, which were platforms widely used in 2020.


Teams is an excellent tool for teaching. You can teach the class and interact with your students using your voice, audios and videos; share class material in real time; manage participation by making students raise their hands and ask questions in the chat; use the board to write participants’ answers or highlight an important topic.


Do you miss being a facilitator in the breakout groups? In Teams, you can divide participants into groups to assign them group problem solving exercises and make them share the results later in the group session. This will bring new dynamics to your class and will encourage everyone to participate.


In Teams, you can group the trainees and create a community where participants can share their doubts, learnings and comments using the group chat.


When you create the class group in Teams, you create a portal where you can share the course content and create a library with video content, PowerPoint documents and reading documents.


Get to know your audience. Ask them about any subject of common interest and foster community participation.


Encourage your students to take notes with the shared notes application. Create a collaborative environment where students voluntarily take notes at the same time.

Class notes

Incentiva la toma de notas a tus alumnos, con la aplicación de notas compartidas. Crea un ambiente de colaboración donde voluntariamente se tome nota en simultáneo.


Create quizzes and exams that are available to the learning community. Summarize all the answers and deliver the results, efficiently organize the results in an Excel file or include other tools such as Power BI.

Power BI

Include Power BI in your training process to track the satisfaction, learning and impact indicators. In doing so, you can correlate process and result variables and make continuous improvements to the training programs.

Teams offers many other options to digitize and automate HR activities with the different Microsoft Office and Learning Pathways apps. This year, make the virtual training experience more dynamic by taking advantage of existing technology and using its transformative power.

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