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Being a virtual trainer is a great challenge. There are several and varied concerns.

80% of the trainers we have mentored consider that keeping participants' attention in a virtual environment and achieving a high command of the technological tools are key challenges. This causes them additional stress, beyond the one of training in a face-to-face environment.

Some of the concerns that trainers voice are the following:

  • What strategies can I use to hold the audience's attention?

  • How can I know the level of interest of participants at all times?

  • How do I make sure participants do the exercises during the session?

  • What do I do if participants or I experience bandwidth problems?

  • How do I manage participants’ distractions related to home office?


At the end of the training, participants expressed a level of satisfaction of more than 90%, and valued the strategies discussed to address the challenges of virtual training as having a high impact.

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