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Nowadays, companies need to decisively migrate to the digital world.

Ensuring a close and efficient training of the staff in the digital era is a key imperative for human resources areas, innovation, transformation and projects.


80% of people who are currently facilitators in the virtual world rate it as very challenging.

The main challenges are:​ 

  • Keeping the audience’s attention.

  • Managing the virtual platform.

  • Covering an agile program with dynamic content.


Implement a High-Impact Program for Virtual Trainers

Virtualize your training program with the support of experts.

Draw upon the virtual tools of your organization.

Instruct the best virtual trainers.

Contribute to the digital agenda of your company.

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Incorporate resources and virtual dynamics to the training.




Experienced trainers who are confident when using technological tools.

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Trainers committed to achieving a dynamic facilitation.

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Successful roll out

of the training.

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Closeness to the staff.

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Imagen 23.png

Real value perceived by business areas.

Imagen 21.png

Virtual training plan.

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The structure of

Train The Trainer in a virtual context.

Strong virtual culture.


Features of the program

Assistance for creating a virtual training plan with the Train The Trainer format. 

Development program for trainers in a virtual context. 

A course for trainers facilitated by experts. 

Monitoring and giving feedback to trainers.

Evaluation of trainers and development recommendations.

Online dashboard with analytics to monitor the training program of the trainers.

Assistance for drawing upon the technological tools of the organization.

Relationship strategies with the business areas.

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We have worked with Ekantika for a little over two years in the process of changing our systems. This change directly impacts 4,000 people in different parts of the world. Throughout this period, they have offered us great support to timely identify process changes and to design communication strategies and training that allow us to successfully complete the stages of the project.


Ekantika's work has always been outstanding, but I particularly highlight this last stage, in which we have received support to adjust all our training strategy and planning to digital platforms, in response to the global contingency. They have managed to give us flexible and very timely support, sharing their experience and giving us advice on how to approach the different tasks in this new reality.


I sincerely appreciate the work of Ekantika Team. They have always been very professional and have shown great human quality, leaving a distinctive seal of high quality in each of their deliverables and in the support they have given us in all the stages of the project. 

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Learn more about our High-Impact Virtual Trainers Program

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